Thursday, April 20, 2006

To buy or not to buy...

I've been thinking about the possible savings to my home budget lately. Look at my monthly magazine shopping for example: I buy four magazines, three about fashion: "Elle", "Your Style" and "Avanti", and one with many interesting articles about art, life, body and soul, ect. called "The Mirror". The last one stays definitely, but what about the first three?
I pay $8 for three magazines with lots of pictures of movie stars wearing expensive designer clothing, models wearing expensive designer clothing and millions of new expensive cosmetics advertisements. Do I buy them? No. Do I even intend to buy them? Never. Do I feel better by just looking at them? No. Are there any interesting articles in those three magazines, about anything that interests me? No. I just flip the pages and eventually throw them away. They even make me laugh because... who, on earth, change the entire wardrobe each season?... And who says that something is trendy and something is passe?... That's ridiculous!
So, why do I spend my money on them?...
For $8 I can have two 100g skeins of beautiful wool from my LYS! ^^
So, my first saving starting in May: do not buy magazines you don't read! $8 stays in my pocket! (*^-^*)
I know it's not much, but when you look for small amounts to be saved suddenly they sum up into quite a substantial number!

I found this vest in "Elle" magazine today (one thing that caught my interest in this magazine...) and decided that I would like to knit one for me. Brown is totally not my colour, but I like the shape of this vest and I'm going to look for the pattern, or maybe I may try and design it myself. ^^

BTW, my Snow White shawl measures 64 cm! ^^
I am also sewing like crazy (skirts and bags), photos tomorrow.

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