Friday, April 07, 2006

Knitting bag and knitting place

Okay, so I'm angry! I went to a far away supermarket (by bus) to get some fresh fish for a sushi supper for tonight. I just got inside when it turned out that few moments before several shelves crashed (some people were mildly hurt) because they were probably overloaded with some discount goods, and they decided to closed the entire huge supermarket! Of course, the cashiers were working but all the stalls (including a fish stall...) were immediately shut down, so because I had nothing in my trolley yet I had to come home empty handed!... >< Anyway, we are having a sushi and karaoke evening with some friends on Sunday, so this weekend is not totally lost!

I've been reading Kenny's knitting blog The Boy Who Knits (very interesting and helpful in many aspects, at least for me as a beginner), and I've read in his archive posts about his knitting bag and knitting place, so I started to think about mine.

My knitting bag is a green cotton tote I got with "Marie Claire" magazine some time ago, it as a good size for needles not to stick out too much and enough room for several yarn balls plus A4 size magazine or a book with patterns. But, because this one also becomes my shopping bag very often, I am also planning to sew a REAL knitting bag, and I even started to design a pattern - it's going to have separate pockets on the sides for needles, big flat pocket for a knitting magazine or printed patterns, also smaller pocket closed with a zipper for my purse, keys and mobile (in this way I'll be able to carry only one bag instead of two - one for my knitting and the other for my belongings). I even have the fabric for this, so look forward to the progress on this project! ^^

As far as knitting place is concerned, I usually knit sitting on a couch in my living room. In fact, I sit in the middle of a big space (because we don't have a wall between the living room and the kitchen), so it's easy for me to knit a few rows, then go check on diner on the stove, and make three steps back - and I'm knitting again! ^^ You can see a place where I keep the pattern and my notebook to marked knitted rows.

If you read this, feel tagged and write about your knitting bag and knitting place (if you haven't done it already). ^^

On my Postcard Swap pal's blog I found the link to another interesting swap, namely: Tote Bag Swap ( I think I'll join!

Please tag my map, I want to know where you all are, my knitting friends! ^^

Check out our Frappr!

And now, for something completely different,... sleeping beauty!
(my dear kitty called Barbie)

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