Monday, April 10, 2006

Eating habits and warm feet

I had a very busy weekend! ^^
On Saturday we took our friend who came from another city to visit her boyfriend (he was at work all day) and we went to a huge shopping mall outside Warsaw. In fact, we wanted to buy an electric rice cooker and didn't succeed, because they didn't have what we wanted (namely, National), but we had fun anyway! ^^ We bought some Asian food (you don't know that yet but I am a Japan-freak and I love everything that's Japanese - especially food!... ^^) and ate very delicious Vietnamese lunch.
On Sunday, we met another pair of friends, went for a sushi and discovered a shop next to our favourite sushi bar that sells Japanese and Korean food! ^-^
So, here is the result of our two-day food shopping:

Tasty Japanese sweets - Pocky (okay, I prefer the ones of green tea flavour, but the chocolate ones are also nice! ^^), Pocari Sweat - bizarre name but very nice soft drink, a bit like a grapefruit juice. The green stuff is a packet of green tea ice-cream, you just add milk, stir and freeze it! ^^

And guess what I'm preparing for diner tonight!... >^-^<

I still need to buy some fresh fish, but it's sushi time tonight!!! It's much cheaper to make it at home than to buy it in a reastaurant... Generally, we decided to change our eating habbits. Now we mostly eat meat and bread (steaks, stews, sandwiches...), so we want to give up most of the meats and introduce more dairy and fish into our diet.

As far as knitting is concerned, I wasn't that busy those two days, but what I did was:

- joined Tote Exchange and Twisted Float Shrug KAL (I sent an email to Vogue Knitting, I wonder if they are willing to sell me their magazine online all the way to Poland...),
- transferred Polish description of the maroon sweater into an English one (easier for me), it seems that it'll work, now I have to decide on a yarn and start knitting it! ^^
- finally, I started my first sock ever! (*^-^*)
The pattern is Blueberry Waffle Socks and today it looks like this:
(don't worry, I haven't chopped off my leg to take this photo, it's a plastic one!... ^^)

Of course, it won't look as good on my legs because my ankles are not so slim, but I like the pattern and the colour. I had a moment of doubt when I finished a heel flap and started to join the heel with the rest, but luckily I managed to interpret the pattern correctly and today I'm planning to finish the feet part and maybe even cast on for the other sock. Yay! ^^

I was also think about what a terrible procrastinator I am!... ><
I have projects that I started over a year ago and are still unfinished, and by this I mean eg.: lots of bags cut out of a fabric and waiting for their turn to be sewn into a bag shape or corsets in pieces ready to become proper clothing but somehow I cannot make myself sit at the sewing machine and finish them!... I decided to have a Spring resolution: finish my unfinished projects (as many and as soon as I can)!
We'll see how it goes... ^^

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  1. Don't feel bad! I have an unfinished sweater that I started about five years ago... and I still mean to finish it.