Saturday, April 29, 2006

Project Spectrum April

This mornig, at 5:30, Ive been waken up by a bit muffled meowing and I knew what that meant!... My kitty brought me something from outside! I hoped it wasn't alive and I wouldn't have to chase it all over my house as happened several times in the past - birds flying in my kitchen, mice running along the floors, froggs... I got up and went to see what it was. Well, a
bird, a dead bird, to be precise (poor creature, but at least he died quickly without long lasting trauma when being played with by a cat...). I got rid of it, praised my kitty and gave her breakfast (not that she wanted to part with a dead bird so easily...).
But sometimes cat's gift is stronger and survives, and that's what happens next:

Yes, there is a bird in my living room, on my plant! (Just after that picture we opened the windows and it flew away! ^^)

I have finished two bags yesterday, now 8 more to go! ^^ (not counting those in plans...)

These are based on the same trapezoid pattern as Pilgrim's Bag, but I added an ornament - front panel hand painted by myself, with an Art Deco flowers. I have some more panels ready so expect more bags like that.

It's a really gloomy day today... It's raining and the sky is hidden behind the thick layer of grey clouds. I've been tryiong to cheer up myself by tking pictures of orange things around my house (April colour for Project Spectrum - the site has not been working a single day this month, btw...).
This is the corner of my bedroom. I have this bizarre lamp from IKEA, and orange and yellow walls! ^^

My everyday bag placed against the orange wardrobe! ^^

This is cheating I know, but it's almost May (and May is green in PS)! ^^ This is the orange shoebox with my green shoes in it! ^^

These two you've already seen - fabrics for bags!

As far as knitting, I'm still working on my Snow White shawl (around 120 cm - how long should it be? Any suggestions?) and Clapotis. And to be frank, Clapotis turned out rather... boring to knit!... (I share this view with Desi.) I thought that it will be more complicated, and dropping the stitches is fun, but it happens so rarely - every 12 rows... And 107 st is realy long time to knit (although it's across the whole shawl, so in fact it grows considerably.) I've dropped six st now and I can't wait to finish this piece, because I want to see it blocked and wear it, but it's still long way to go.

Yesterday I ordered the knitting book from Japan. No, I don't speak Japanese (apart from several very basic everyday phrases, and knitting terms rarely count as those... ^^), so it will be fun to use! Saartje recommended it as easy to understand because of clear charts and Yuki offered to help me with translation if need be (thank you very much in advance! ^o^), so I'm calm and hopeful. The Expected Ship out Date is 12 May, so I'm waiting patiently. ^^

The weather is a crap so I'm going to visit my friends tonight, have a glass of wine and a good meal. My Snow White shawl is going with me! ^^
I'm leaving you with my kitty sleeping! ^^


  1. Oh gosh I hated when my cat would bring home half-dead things. Now he is an indoor kitty, so at least I don't have to deal with that anymore! Of course they are only doing what they think is a wonderful thing!

    All those oranges are very cheerful indeed!

  2. I have never been in that situation, but the neighbor's cat is always leaving a pile of feathers in the backyard. My son always runs in telling me that there has been another murder. Lots of orange to cheer you up. My cheer up color is red.