Tuesday, April 11, 2006

FREE PATTERNS - Wind in the Fields Scarf

My first free pattern for you - a funny slanting scarf! ^^
This scarf really suprised me during making because it started to slant from the very beginning! But that's just the nature of the pattern.

What you need:
- three shades of green yarn, light worsted weight wool or blend
- needles 5 / US 8

CO 34 st.
If you want a fringe, cut the appropriate number of 24" strands in a chosen colour and set aside.

The pattern is:
R1: sl1, p, [k, yo, 2ktog] - repeat 10 times, p, k
R2: sl1, p till 1 last st, k

Repeat these two rows 9 times for one colour, then switch to another shade of green - repeat 9 times, and to the third shade of green - repeat 9 times. And so on. Knit till you desire or run out of yarn. Mine is 19 cm/7,5 in wide and 115 cm/46 in long.
Definitely needs blocking!

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