Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Swamp thing!...

I finished (my) husband's cabled fingerless gloves (by Kimberly) yesterday afternoon and here is the final result on a model (he agreed to wear them for a photo but didn't want to stop working on his computer, well... ^-^).

Of course, he complained that he got them just when Spring started and in fact doesn't need them now, but I'm sure he'll be happy next Autumn on the first chilly days when he'll find the gloves in the pocket of his jacket and they will keep his hands warm! ^^
I was thinking about knitting the same for me but from this yarn they result being too big for my hands. And then, rather than changing the yarn (this one is soooo soft!) I thought about substracting maybe 6 stitches to make them tighter. I must give it a go - results soon! ^^

But I must also confess the I made a mistake in the first glove...

I didn't notice it at the beginning but Robert started to closely analyse the pattern and he suddenly said "There's a mistake!" As you can see in the photo, I took two stitches on the cable needle and held it in front instead of the back of the glove!... I wanted to frog it and correct it immediately, but he said that's okay and it's not that visible after all. Well, I don't totally agree that it should stay like that unmended but I sooooo hate frogging... Fortunately it's not very visible on black, so I think I'll leave it for now.

Of course I wouldn't be myself if I followed my knitting plan so again I skipped several projects to knit something completely different... ^^
Namely, inspired by the Festival Jacket by Beverly (she gave me the idea of mixing several totally different yarns and work with them on 20s) last night I decided to try my new 20 size needles and started a shawl called Swamp Witch from The Anticraft page. Here are the three yarns I chose: two fuzzy earthy colours and mercerized golden cotton. Although they look fabulous being next to each other, I'm not sure yet whether I like the result of them being blended into a scarf. My husband said that he liked the final colour mixture so maybe I'll finish this shawl and try in on, ad then decide if I should frog it or leave it.

Today is my lazy day, I got up late and don't feel like doing anything substantial. I should be sitting at the sewing machine but it's just not the day for this, I tell you... In the afternoon I'm going to see the jewelery exhibition recommended by my jewelery course teacher (he is one of the participants) and then in the evening I have Hindu dancing class - and today is the final moment to decide whether I want to continue practicing this or not, and I'm still not sure... Decisions, decisions, decisions...

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  1. hi

    Thanks for your kind comments and help re my blog.:)

    I have had a look at the shawl/scarf and think it looks fab. But my guess is that the colours mixed produce a colour which is not one you would normally like/wear. So while what you are making is great it is not a colour you would normally make/knit??

    I had the same problem with my KO project cape. While the finished garment is wonderful and gets lots of praise and comments from others I don't really like it. I hope it is accepted and sells!!

    I will keep a check on your blog with interest to see the results. I can "see" lots of colour sampling coming up! lol

    PS This method uses "lots" of yarn...!!! A great stash buster.
    Knit on >^..^<